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Luke 8:4-10 (NRSV)

Jesus speaks in parables

When a great crowd gathered and people from town after town came to him, he said in a parable: "A sower went out to sow his seed; and as he sowed, some fell on the path and was trampled on, and the birds of the air ate it up. Some fell on the rock; and as it grew up, it withered for lack of moisture. Some fell among thorns, and the thorns grew with it and choked it. Some fell into good soil, and when it grew, it produced a hundredfold." As he said this, he called out, "Let anyone with ears to hear listen!"

Then his disciples asked him what this parable meant. He said, "To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of God; but to others I speak in parables, so that
'looking they may not perceive,
and listening they may not understand.'

DEVOTION--Today is Saturday Psalmody; the mediation is offered as a psalm from my heart! If you would like a more traditional devotion, please search the archives for a title that appeals to you! (smile)



I want to be good soil

Soil where your word takes root

And grows…

So often

I have let your word

Get choked, eaten, or trampled

Under the feet of those who do not understand.

I want to be good soil

I want your word to be in me

Fruit which multiplies

Hundreds and thousands fold and

Into the lives of others.

I want to be good soil

Doing your will

Walking in your ways

Knowing your secrets

Building your kingdom

May I perceive,

May I understand,

And may I believe…


Make me good soil.


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